Corporate Social Responsibility

The Group’s future is dependent on our ability to develop, operate and responsibly close depleted mines consistent with our commitment to sustainable development; protection of human life, health and the environment; and adding value to the communities in which we operate.

To support the activities necessary to achieve compliance with the Environmental Mission Statement and policies, the Group has committed all necessary human and financial resources. We have also established an audit program to systematically evaluate compliance of their operating facilities with applicable federal, state, and local rules and regulations, as well as corporate policy, which also includes a corrective action process to address deficiencies that are discovered.

Going hand in hand, the Company has also put in place the framework for the development of Health, Safety and Loss Prevention (HSLP) standards, procedures and guidance which will address the control environment risk assessment, information and communication, control activities and monitoring of core business process.

 Social Responsibility Policy


To realize the commitments as stated in this policy, the Group’s operation will:

  • Develop and use systems to identify and manage risks, and provide accurate information to support effective decision making.
  • Train our people and provide the resources to meet our social responsibility objectives and targets.
  • Respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in our business operations.
  • Respect the social, economic and cultural rights of Indigenous people.
  • Adopt policies, standards and operating practices that ensure ongoing improvement.
  • Wherever appropriate and feasible, set operating standards which exceed the requirements of the local law.
  • Assess our performance against our policies and standards.
  • Demand leadership in social responsibility from all our people.
  • Seek to share our success by partnering with stakeholders in appropriate community development programs.
  • Consult stakeholders in matters that affects them.
  • Strive to communicate our performance in an accurate, transparent and timely manner.

 Environmental Policy


The Group intends to set standards of excellence with regard to environmental matters.

There are two policies that provide definition to the Environmental Mission Statement to reflect the challenges we face as a mining business. They are:

  • The Group will, at all times, operate our facilities in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • The Group will adopt and adhere to standards that are protective of both human health and the environment at the facilities we build and operate.

 Health and Safety Policy


This policy addresses the intentions and principles of the Group with respect to effectiveness and efficiency, reliability of reporting and compliance with laws and regulations to achieve core business activities.

To support this policy, the Group commits to:

  • Identify, eliminate, or otherwise control Health Safety Environment (“HSE”) risks to our people, communities, and the environment in which we operate.
  • Provide our employees with the resources to achieve our goal of zero incidents, injuries and illnesses.
  • Provide our employees with the resources to achieve our goal of zero incidents, injuries and illnesses.
  • Comply with all applicable legal and other requirements including internal and external commitments.
  • Ensure that the site disaster management procedures are regularly updated and emergency response teams are in place and well trained.
  • Drive the implementation of identified safety initiatives that continually improve workplace health and safety.
  • Commence a review of every high-risk incident or injury within 48 hours of its occurrence and ensure that the appropriate actions are identified and implemented.
  • Foster an employee involvement culture within the workplace; a measure of success of this will be the extent to which employees take ownership of workplace safety.
  • Ensure that HSE expectations are clearly communicated to all contract principals and that CNMC’s management systems are randomly audited.

As individuals of the Group, we personally commit to applying the principles of this policy to continuously improve the way we work every single day.