Community Development

As a leader in the mining industry in the Kelantan State, Malaysia, the Group recognises the vital roles of its employees and the communities in which it operates. The Group believes that their operations create job opportunities which alleviate poverty, and hence has the potential to empower people to secure a better livelihood for themselves and their future generations.

The Group’s strategy is to involve its stakeholders such as the local communities and government bodies in various community projects which align with the needs and objectives of the local communities, in areas ranging from education, healthcare to disaster relief. As part of its corporate practices, the Group provides and distributes basic food necessities and basic school supplies to the needy families in the Kelantan State in Malaysia.

Since 2007, the Group had made substantial efforts to integrate with the local population in the vicinity of the mining operations and assisted them in social and economic development. The Group had also provided the local community with many new employment opportunities, training and skills development for the staff of the mining operations and broadened the economic and commercial base for local businesses, thereby contributing to the economic growth of the region. The Group had developed a corporate social responsibility policy which addressed the impact on the local community. In addition, the Group paved the way for other business investors to invest in Kelantan State which in turn encouraged foreign direct investment in Kelantan.

In December 2013, CNMC once again sponsored and delivered 500 school bags and stationery to every school child around the Sokor mine areas for the coming school term. During Hari Raya festive season in August 2013, thousands of gift packs were distributed to less fortunate individuals and families residing in the Tanah Merah areas. Last but not least, CNMC had also organised a blood donation event which broke the record of the blood donation received for the Tanah Merah Hospital.

The primary negative social impact from mining operations is the loss of employment when its operations cease. However, to mitigate this downside, the local workforce would have been fully trained with multi-skilled experience that is transferable to other mining or similar industries. Nonetheless, with our on-going exploration programme to further expand our resources and reserves, the Company is confident that mining operations in Kelantan will continue in the foreseeable future.